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I’m currently working out how to put a proper contact form on this page.

In the interim you can email me at:  or phone:  0412 113 824  or 03 5433 6259

Sometimes this website doesn’t work properly, so if you have issues with the contact box below, email me or call.  I will get back to you.

It helps when you contact me (you can even fill out that form below), if you tell me what you’re looking for in a pup, and what time frame, and where you are located.

We do prefer to meet our puppy people where ever possible and think it’s important for you to check us out in person.

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5 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. hey there, just read your content on the web, shit hot.
    Im a pom living in Mexico.
    Have a restaurant. local economy is poor, bizness is dwindling,
    going to fix pet food to save my arse,
    EXACTLY as you describe in your pages,
    I enjoy very much your Oz outlook/attitude/ just honest really
    I should have been an Okker, I share your views 100%
    and will grow this new venture into something worthwhile;
    I m just grateful to read your stuff, it gives me great confidence to go down the same road as you.
    99% of our products are from …..whisper it… the usa…

    and the standard is one degree below garbage……….road kill, zoo death, hoof and horn heaven,

    so thanks alot, I will wake up tomorrow; actually the first day of our new venture, with a huge smile, and a pocket full of enthusiasm. My muscles feel like steel right now.

    [just need to clean some of the rust off, eh????]

    cheers fellahs,
    I’m a fan, Im Jeffrey. She’s Marlene, and he’s Douglas.
    and taaaaaa very much for your shot of undiluted motivation.

  2. Lee & Tracey

    Hi Jane, Great to talk to you the other day about coming over to see you and pups in July. We are very excited you will have pups available and are looking forward to coming over. The dates we are looking at visiting are the 7th or 8th July and will be booking our flights from NZ soon, if you could let us know which day suits? We look forward to hearing from you and receiving the information you said you would email us. Regards Lee & Tracey.

  3. Ainsley McNeill

    I am looking for a portuguese water dog for sept. I am looking for a puppy, I am not bothered if it is a male or female. I am looking for a dog that is very active and will run with me or run beside the bike when I am going for a casual ride.

    I am just wondering if you will have any puppies around that time? I am living in Sydney but I am moving to Adelaide in Sept for work so I am hoping to pick one up once I have moved and I am settled.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you,

    • Jane

      Hi Ainsley

      sounds like you’ve got a big adventure coming up! If you get the chance to come down to Melbourne, we’d love to have you visit to see our dogs, see them working, talk health stuff, check out temperament, etc and see if that matches with what you’re looking for that would be great!

      I’m going to email you separately an info package. Sounds like our current pups will be outside your time frame but we could certainly put you down for the following litter if all works out. Remember, we never ever want people to think we are pushing them to buy. We’d rather everyone takes their time to make sure this is the right thing for them.

      I’ll be in touch,


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