Vic Govt PER #:  BR102201

We will have pups ready to go around 21st April.   

You will need to join the waiting list if you’d like one of these fabulous puppies.  These pups start from which includes desexing, microchipping, C3 vax, C5 vax, and 3 vet checks.  Half the litter is black and half brown, with small bits of white..  If we are in Covid restrictions at the time they are ready to go, delivery will be available to most Melbourne locations for about $130 – $180.  Pups travelling interstate will need to go around 21st April, and owners will be required to sort out that booking well in advance, or be ready to drive to me to pick up that weekend.

If you’d like to receive my information pack as part of your education process, please feel free to touch base with me asap.

You can also find us on mewe (as pet facebook pages are being closed down by facebook).  So check us out here.  If you’re brave and can deal with my triathlon stuff, you can find me on insta.

As you’d expect proof of triple vaccination is required to visit, and we want people to visit.  Also, mask wearing is required.

It is important to note, that often our pups are spoken for before they are born.  So feel free to register an “Expression of Interest”.  So that we don’t waste your time and mine, after people have visited and if we believe we can provide a good fit, you are required to place a non refundable deposit.   Also, as it is of upmost importance to us that pups are matched temperament wise as the number 1 priority, it is unlikely I will be able to help you if pretty much the first words out of your mouth are to the effect that you want a pup that looks like a border collie.   There is definitely a strong correlation between people who say that, and have also not researched how the breed will fit into their lifestyle.  And it’s really awkward having a conversation around that.  This is one of the really important steps that we take to try to ensure these pups are not later dumped/given up.  Please make it good for all by being as honest as possible to us about you and your situation.  Nothing good ever results from someone over-stating their position when it comes to getting a puppy.

It goes without saying that if you want a puppy for your child/children to raise, and want your child involved in selecting all the attributes of a pup from me – this indicates we’re not on the “same page”, and at this point, I won’t be able to help you.  A puppy is not a gift for a child.

Because of my work and training schedule, it is almost impossible for me to have visits from people who “just want a look” at the breed.  There’s not much time in my life for socialising, but you’re always welcome to join me for a run!

We would like you to visit, after we have spoken on the phone first.  I can usually slot people in on a Saturday morning at 10.30am sharp, or Sunday afternoon at 1.3pm sharp (I work both Saturday and Sunday, so need to shuffle times around my breaks), or during the week at a mutually convenient time.

These are my freshly born puppies.  Our current puppies are all wavies. There are some with a little white, and there is both male and female.  Please note:  we cannot guarantee that female pups are going to be smaller adults than male pups, and some of our biggest dogs have been female.


Our lines are currently free of Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Juvenile Cardiomyopathy, Storage Disease, and Improper Coat.  We have had no incidents of PES, with no indication we have it in our lines.  Please note:  as there are over 10,000 diseases and conditions that can exist in dogs (and every other species), we strive to keep our lines free of the diseases that can be tested for, as limited as it is at this point.

Our pups may be available for show homes.

Puppies from this current litter start from $4000 within Australia plus transport – for the pup I choose for you.  If you wish to choose your pup, the price will increase (or $6000 for “pick puppy” – indicate your interest early as there is only one pick puppy per litter).  I am committed to providing a temperament match to owners, and really dislike placing pups on the primary basis of “they have such cute white feet”.   Please note, this includes 2 x vaccinations, including the C5 at 12 weeks of age, micrchipping and desexing before they leave.

If you are interstate:   There are 2 options to get the pup to the airport from me.  Jetpets will charge you about $350 to pick up your dog from me and take it to their office.  Or I will charge you $80 if I’m transporting with another pup, or $250 if I have to make a special trip.  (it’s over a 4 hour return journey.)

Because of dangerous road conditions, we will not do early morning travel in winter to get to the airport.  It’s imperative that both your pup and I travel safely.

We also reserve the right to change travel dates if the weather looks like it’s going to be too hot.


If you are wanting me to export to you, please ensure you have acquired a quote for transport first, and expect this to be at least as much as the price of the puppy.  We’ve had a few people get a little upset about the price the airlines have been charging for freight, and have asked me to then give them the pup for free or significantly discounted.  Um.. no, this isn’t how life works.  There are several companies that organise pet transport from Australia.  You can get quotes from different ones.   If you need me to organise quotes I can do this for you, and as you can imagine, there is a cost available for me to do this.  Much easier for you to do this yourself.

There is a lot of work involved at my end to export a puppy, and it’s not a process I really want to go through to be honest.  I’ve had too many people “ghost me” at the last minute.  If you’re not prepared to pay a deposit and all associated costs, please do not contact me.

Please note:  you or one of your friends is going to suggest that the pup can travel for free as “accompanied baggage”.  This is not allowed out of Australia.  All animals must travel as “manifest live cargo”, unless you have your own private jet.


Some notes worth checking out before you contact us:

Let’s start with the tough stuff:  The Portuguese Water Dog is suited to those people who love an energetic dog that they need to train and have a lot of fun with.   They are very energetic, boisterous, require multiple mini training sessions at the start, need attendance with their human at weekly dog training classes for the first year of their life, requires regular grooming, they will test all boundaries, and will be a complete jerk if you don’t do the training.   In fact, if you don’t do the work, they will be horrible, and you will be pulling your hair out.   Trust me on this.

If you’re prepared to put in the work in the first few weeks and months, you’ll have a great dog.  If you forget/neglect to do this, you’ll have a big problem on your hands, and you’ll end up with a dog that requires a whole lot of behaviour modification.  I can’t help you with that.  That’s not my specialty, but there are specialists you can hire, that will cost you far more than your dog, that will help you manage, some but not all of the problems you’re un-trained dog WILL develop.  That’s why we put so much emphasis on training as soon as you get your dog.

If you have 3 kids under the age of 4 or even under the age of 10, you’re going to find your hands full with this breed.

On the positive side:  if you do the work, follow my advice, and keep on top of issues – all during those first few months, you will have the most fantastic dog.  They are intelligent and non shedding.

Our puppies start from $4000  We keep the pups until 12 weeks of age to ensure the best behavioural and dietary start possible.  During this period they are vaccinated 2-3 times (inc the 12 week C5 vaccine), wormed several times, and desexed.  If you’d prefer to desex your pet later, you’ll need to sign a contract to this end and pay for it yourself.  We normally do not sell un-desexed pets due to people having problems with ensuring desexing.  We do sell entire pups to people who want to show the dog.  We do have pups available internationally for show and pet homes.

Comprehensive notes and communication is provided to people getting our puppies.  Be prepared for a plethora of information.

Our new stud dog from Europe has arrived has now completed his health testing with his hips & elbows being great, and having passed his other required genetic testing.  Both of our other stud dogs with results in both hip/elbows and available genetic tests. Most have been in the show ring, with some attaining multiple championships, whilst others continue in their quest to achieve theirs.   Most of our girls have been shown in the show ring and we are very choosy about who stays in our breeding program.  Due to my training and work schedule now, I have severely limited both my showing and show judging.

Check out this video below of us introducing pups to the water at 8 weeks of age:

Occasionally we have a girl who doesn’t turn out to have a couple of the attributes we were looking for, and we will then re-home.   We have people very interested in our dogs that have finished producing the next generation.If you can offer a lounge for a retired show dog, then every 2 years or so, we might have one available.  These are vaccinated and desexed at my cost before leaving.  These are not available for export.


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  1. April Mickens

    Hi … I live in the United States. I am looking for a tight curly black curly male. The breeder I was currently working with were not ably to produce a tight curly male with her last two litters.

    If you have a tight black curly male, please contact me. 917-364-2868.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon.


    April Mickens

  2. Leanne

    I am a breeder of German Shepherds but have admired this breed for a long time. I do showing, obedience and tracking and have titled 6 UD dogs and 2 of them are triple champions. Could you tell me if this breed is suitable for all these disciplins?. I would love to title one in multiple areas.

    Cheers Leanne

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