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Vic Govt PER #:  BR102201

Check with us to see what we have available at this time, as this website is not always updated in a timely way.

Our next litter of pups will be ready to go in Feb 2022.  It is my preference that you visit well and truly before this covid permitting.  You will need to QR code in and be fully vaccinated.  It helps our planning greatly if you can contact us early to express interest in a litter.  We may have brown and/or black puppies available mostly likely both curly and wavy.  It is extremely unlikely that they will have lots of white.  If you need a dog with lots of white, and a strong work drive – get a border collie.  Sorry we don’t breed those but can recommend some excellent breeders.

The other way to get hold of me is via facebook:  www.facebook.com/jane.anderson.dogs  – and if my email is not working, which has happened recently, you can get me via that page.  or on insta. 

Allow a 2 hour drive north of Melbourne city.  We are on acreage and have a facility like no other in Australia where it has been specifically designed for the Portuguese Water Dog.

This means, wear old clothes!  We prefer to have people visit in the morning where possible.  Bring your sense of humour, your camera, and a list of questions you want to ask.  We are going to show you the good, the bad, and the ugly, and we want you to walk away having had a thoroughly good exposure to the breed and to us.

Remember, this breed is not for everyone, and we “will not put you down for a puppy” by just sending us a note or texting us to do so.  You need to visit.  This is really, really important.   I put a significant amount of work into this, we never even break even, so I want to make sure that my pups go to great long term homes that will train the pup thoroughly so that it is an outstanding breed representative.  Trust me, if you have a well behaved dog people will worship the ground you walk on.

And if you have allergies or any member of your family has allergies then they must visit.  This is non negotiable.

We firmly believe you are not just choosing a breed, you are choosing a breeder.  We won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, and don’t aim to be.

And if you think I’m too tough, then this breed is probably not right for you.  This is a hard working energetic enthusiastic dog.  It will be way too much of a handful for some people.  If left in the backyard 24/7 it will quickly destroy everything in your backyard and become a nuisance barker.  Luckily enough for you, your neighbours will be straight over that day and every other day, some even leaving anonymous notes in your letterbox to let you know there is a problem, and the council ranger will probably visit a couple of days later.  Or call me.  Yes that’s happened.

However if you do the required work and have this dog as an integral part of your life, it will be a complete joy to own and you will be inseparable.

My background is Human Resources.  In fact, I even have a Masters degree in it.  My specialty is training humans, amongst other things prior to giving up the Corporate life.   I use these skills to help me determine if this is going to work for you.  I’m trying to facilitate a great experience for you.  I want your ownership of one of my dogs to be joyous.  And if I think it will be otherwise, I’m going to let you know and why.  This also means I’m not going to do a “sales job”.

This video below shows a litter from a few months ago and one of the many sessions we give them before they leave to introduce them to the water



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  1. Judi

    I wish you were in the YS. Your philosophy about how to choose a puppy is the same as ours. My Dad bred Viszlas in the 1960’s. My husband and I have had his Weimaraners and my standard poodles as well as a rescue or two and cars, etc( we had 5 kids). A pup’s personality needs to fit with his or her new family.

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