Pup Notes – for those getting pups, here’s some more info


4th March 16

6 pups have now been desexed with no problems and recovering well.  All pups have now been flea/tick treated, in anticipation of moving to their new homes.  We don’t have an issue with either of these here, but this will ensure you are covered for when they move to your home.

Tonight we start introducing the pups to clippers and they will have their nails clipped.  We recommend that you trim puppy nails once a week so they get used to the process.


27th Feb 16

On the eve of my doing yet another half marathon, I took the pups down to our lovely dam for their first swimming session.  It went great!  So I thought you’d like to look:

Yes all pups will be swimming before they leave us. And isn’t that great!

Remember, it’s exciting to take advantage and develop the skills that dogs naturally come with. If you put in the work and have fun, you’ll have an even greater time with your Bluegrace Portuguese Water Dog puppy
23rd Feb 16

For those getting one of my pups, you’ll already be familiar with my requirements to feed a raw diet.  We don’t want our dogs having any processed foods.  And these pups are multi-generational raw fed.  Anyway, the other afternoon I took a quick video and thought you should have a look. (Audience alert:  not my best look, but this is reality)  Really, feeding a raw diet is very easy and cheaper than feeding processed food:


22nd Feb 16

Feel free to call me to discuss pups:  0412 113 824 or email at:  jane@bluegrace.com

Yes we do have availability.

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20th Feb 16

Our latest superb litter is ready to go March 11th.  Pups will fly interstate via jetpets.  I will liaise with jetpets around the 3rd March, and they will contact you from there.

In the meantime, the pups have been vaccinated with the C3 vaccine, and just received another de-worming tablet.

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