Welcome to Bluegrace Portuguese Water Dogs.

Based near Melbourne, Australia, we have been involved in this breed since 1997.

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The Portuguese Water Dog is: intelligent, non-shedding, hypo-allergenic, and medium sized working dog…. just like a life partner should be.

The Portuguese Water Dog was used as a working dog with the Portuguese fisherman, where it took out nets, carried messages between boats, picked up items accidentally dropped overboard, and protected the catch and the boats.  As such, it is a true working dog, which can fit in well to many situations – as long as the work is put in early by the owners to have a well behaved and managed dog.

They do required twice daily exercise sessions for their entire life.  What a wonderful way to help keep both dog and human in shape!

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Our dogs are involved in conformation showing, obedience, agility, school visits, endurance tests, herding, and flyball, and make wonderful companions to homes that can meet their exercise and discipline needs.

Yes we have puppies due – these pups will be ready to go in July 2015.

Please note, because of superior behavioural outcomes, we now only let our puppies go at 12 weeks of age. Those extra 4 weeks at home particularly developing appropriate behaviours make all the difference.

Call us on 03 5433 6259 or 0412 113 824 for more information.


We invite you to visit our home, just north of Melbourne, where you can see our comprehensive program for our water dogs, and meet the puppies that we currently have available for the right homes.

Please note, the Portuguese Water Dog needs a home where there are exercise opportunities both morning and night, where an adult in the household is responsible for the dog, and where the adult can attend dog training for at least the first year of the pup’s life.

We have developed extensive literature, training material, and advice with an excellent support network to help you grow your pup into a wonderful adult dog. Time and dedication is needed to help create the best water dog for your situation.

Yes we have puppies available, but we want people to take their time in making a decision to ensure that not only is this the right breed for them, but also, critically, that I am the right breeder for you.


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