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Adult dogs – availability


(Email is super unreliable these day.  The other way to get hold of me is via facebook:  www.facebook.com/jane.anderson.dogs  – and if my email is not working, which has happened recently, you can get me via that page.  or on insta.) 

From time to time there are adult dogs available for re-homing.  Right now we have dogs available.

Update:  Solo and Spritz have now found their forever home and everyone is happy!  I currently have Solo & Spritz available.   They are a bonded pair.  Both are desexed and ready to go now.  They need to go together, as when separated they both pine for each other.  They are both wonderful dogs  and don’t need or want the company of other dogs – so no, don’t take them down to the dog park for a general free for all.

Update:  Snorkel has passed her trial, and has a wonderful home.   Snorkel is currently on a trial with a new home.

Another bonded pair:  Beacon and Pearl will be ready to go together in March 2022.  Please book a time to come and visit them.  Pearl is a little bit shy, but a mad ball chaser.  For her catching a ball is the absolute best thing in her life.  They are both a little bit smaller than the average size PWD.

All dogs are desexed prior to leaving.  Their usual price is just to cover the price of that desexing.

Tips for re-settling older dogs:

It will take 5-7 days for dogs to settle in. If they go as a bonded pair, this will be shorter.  It is recommended that the dogs go in two’s or to a home that already has a PWD.

As my dogs are not exposed to traffic, it will take some settling in for them to get used to that.  So slowly expose them.

5 thoughts on “Available dogs

  1. gavin hocking

    hello jane,
    my family of four ( 2 adults/2 teenagers) have been looking into portuguese water dogs for a while now and feel that he or she would suit our lifestyle and home. we have a large backward with pool and have a shack on a lake and we all enjoy the water and exercise. we have a preference to a brown and white or a black and white coloured dog. We are heading off overseas in the beginning of july for two weeks but are looking to purchase a pup sometime soon after that. we don’t really have a preference in regards to a male or female. could you please send some information on what options you would have for us if any. we are looking forward to providing a great home for and life for this lucky dog.
    best regards,

  2. MIchael McDonald

    I am interested in a re-homing PWD, or 5 month old puppy, or puppy, or a PWD retired from being a show dog, would be cool, I am looking for a friend to hangout with, fishing trips on the weekends, and dog parks, There will always someone home with the puppy, and we have a son which would really enjoy have a buddy to keep him company:)

    I live here in Houston, Texas
    832-970-9580 or 832-908-9492

  3. Emma C

    Hi Jane,

    I got a lovely puppy from you this time last year and was wondering if I could keep in touch regarding any adult dogs you might have available. Alma (our portuguese water dog) has settled in really well over the last year and we are hoping to get another dog, her age or older that she can play with throughout the day while we are at work.


    • Jane

      Hi Emma,

      great to hear from you! They do become available from time to time, and are usually snapped up pretty quickly. But now that you’ve showed interest, we can keep an eye out for you.

      keep in touch,


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