Toy Poodles


Ah…. toy poodles….

I’ve had toy poodles for longer than I’ve had Portuguese Water Dogs.  I no longer show toy poodles as the grooming requirements for toy poodles are so extensive, but I love them with an absolute passion.

A new great facebook page on poodles in Australia can be found by clicking here:  All things poodles – Australia

On the very odd occasion (less than once a year) we have toy poodle puppies available.  Toy poodles are very difficult to breed with invariably extensive vet bills, and many sleepless nights watching the pups and the mum who will often suffer eclampsia despite all your best efforts.

If you are interested in going on our waiting list for a toy poodle, please let me know.  Ph:  03 5433 6259 or 0412 113 824



Tilly and Coco

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