Why consider a Portuguese Water Dog for your Home


Wow, thanks for taking the time to read this page.

My involvement in Portuguese Water Dogs is extensive, having been the longest in Australia involved in the breed.  I show (not as often as I used to!), I judge, I import, I export, and I breed.

I have seen the breed in many different parts of the world, met some truly amazing people, and imported and exported dogs to many various locations.  And I have shared many a long and enjoyable time with other breeders from around the world learning from each other and each appreciating the work we’ve put in.

When I first got involved in this breed I was looking for a unique breed.  I wanted a breed with history – ancient history.  I wanted something that was non shedding, medium sized, and intelligent.  I wanted a dog I could laugh with.  I wanted a dog that could work and play hard, and when that was over was happy to be a part of my family, even if that did involve stepping over it a hundred times a day as it relaxed around the house, invariably in the middle of a walkway!

Here are some pictures of dogs I’ve bred and owned, and don’t forget to keep reading the next section:

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Does this sound like you?

I raised my son with Portuguese Water Dogs, and as long as you the adult is going to take the lead role in dog management, including all dog-child interactions, ensuring all parties behave properly, and stepping in when required to remind all of the rules (including pesky visitors!) they can be a great family dog.

If you want the most out of your Portuguese Water Dog, attendance at weekly public dog training sessions is essential.  There is absolutely no doubt that a dog that has attended weekly training, and had several mini sessions at home each week is not just a joy to own, and not just the dog that every single other person in your neighbourhood will be envious of, but you will achieve close to the pinnacle in dog-human relationship.  I get to see many of the dogs I bred each year, and those owners who have attended to the diligent behavioural development of their dog have my never ending respect and love.

And as such, when people with my dogs are approached in the street or dog park and someone says ” is that a Bluegrace dog?”, they know the reputation continues to build of these brilliant dogs when they have followed in the footsteps of others in training their dog, and they too wear the badge with honour.

Is this the breed for everyone?

Look in all honesty, no it’s not.  As much as I’d love to see good  Portuguese Water Dogs everywhere, there are people who just aren’t suited to it at this point.  And just because your circumstances aren’t right now, doesn’t mean they may not be right down the track.

So the sorts of things that I think impede a successful outcome with a person and this breed include:

  • working 12 hour days
  • needing to keep the dog crated all day, or for some hours each day
  • loads of other activities currently in your schedule that you won’t stop
  • not being able to/not wanting to go to dog training every week for the first year of the dog’s life
  • not being able to/not wanting to run mini training sessions with your pup each day
  • inappropriate fencing
  • wanting the kids to be responsible for the dog.  I have had a few people start conversations with, “Jane we’ve just got the kids to agree that they will be picking up the dog waste, so we are now ready for a dog.”  Probably not actually sorry.
  • having a partner who will tolerate a dog, but really doesn’t want one (always leads to major issues), “If you kids really want it, then I guess you can have one.”  Probably not actually sorry.
  • having a child or children who are terrified of dogs.  Most people understand that getting a puppy will not fix a child’s intrinsic fear issues.
  • having super bad allergies  – while most people find that this breed does not react to their allergies, in a small number of cases, we’ve found the super allergic cannot have this breed or any others.  If you do have allergies, please note, we do require you to visit so we can ensure you don’t have a reaction to these dogs.  Better to be safe than make a very expensive mistake!  (sometimes people offer to sign a waiver that if they have an allergic reaction, they won’t send the pup back.  Sorry we don’t work like that.)
  • wanting a calm dog that just does nothing all day

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Come and talk to me!

I absolutely want you to come and visit.  We are about 90 mins north of Melbourne.  Wear old clothes, a hat, sunscreen, and let me show you the dog in action.  Be prepared to spend about 45 mins with me and let’s see if you’re as excited about the breed as me.

Now if you don’t feel the love, don’t be afraid to tell me.  I am not going to try and sell you a pup.  I can place every pup I breed, and I only breed occasionally so I can ensure I have the time and energy to put into each of my puppy people.  I would rather people “self-select out”.  On the rare occasion I might say “I really can’t help you.”  You may find another breeder who can, but in all honesty, with my level of experience in this breed, I’m not here to sell you something that I truly believe will not work.

Feel free to add your comment below, or if you want to chat:  0412 113 824

(Tip:  Saturday night is date night and Sunday night is family feast night – so not the best time to touch base!)

Email is good at any time: jane@bluegrace.com

Oh, and if you want a bit of a laugh check out one of my girls Ripple (now retired and loved by everyone), and her litter of pups.  Check out the very end of the video.  Take it from me, Ripple is waiting for you to visit to attend to her as the Queen she has appointed herself to be! :

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